rather than accepted, female bisexuality is “encouraged” on the sole grounds that it be palatable to straight men. bisexual women are presented in hypersexualized contexts, as sexual objects for the hegemonic straight male gaze, while directly or covertly appealing to a quasi-pornographic fantasy of a (two females and one male) threesome, and while also reassuring us that these women are not really bisexual, but are simply behaving so for the satisfaction of the presumed male spectator.

shiri eisner, bi: notes for a bisexual revolution, p.159 (via bronyrpblog)


i am staunchly against the use of words like gaslighting having an expanded meaning to include “someone disagreeing with me” because the term gaslighting must maintain its meaning in order for us to listen to abuse victims and survivors.

expanding its meaning depoliticizes the term and removes language that should be afforded to those in need of it.